Pompe 1906, established in 1906 in Milan through three generations, has at present three very modern factories where pumps for domestic, industrial and agricultural services are produced: from smaller pumps of 0.13 HP up to 600 HP for bigger pumps, both electrically and diesel driven.


The first factory is our foundry where the pump components are casted. It is a very modern factory from a technological point of view and thanks to its new equipments it produces pieces of 0.2 up to 2000 kos in different materials and according to UNI‑DIN‑ISO and BS standards. With an automatic plant, installed in 1986, the foundry can produce for example no. 8 impellers every 50 seconds in 5 different materials.


The casted components are then machined in the second factory which is a mechanical workshop. It is the great experience and the great passion of the Biraghi family that allowed this factory to become, along the years, a workshop completely managed by computers with an air‑conditioning system and equipments to produce pieces with 2 micron tolerance and therefore interchangeable in order to guarantee the possibility of repair and replacement even after 20/25 years. Our stock on 31.12.86 was of 300 tons.


The third factory is the oldest: our activity was born at the beginning of this century. In this factory pumps are designed, assembled, tested and shipped. Very good engineers make drawings of the pump components and test the pumps before shipment. Every pump, manufactured by skilled workmen, is always tested with water according to the performance values agreed with order.


The good quality is our make, the great satisfaction of three generations who did their best so that every pump could be a symbol of a story of mechanics and hydraulics.


The factory organization is based on a computer system which stores the pump components and manages the works hop from the order receipt up to its complete delivery. A data sheet stating components and workings of every pump remains in our file so that we are able to repair the pump even after 50 years.


The pumps we manufacture are used for domestic services in hospitals, houses, cinemas, theatres, swimming pools, residences, aqueducts of small and large towns, fire‑fighting plants of airports and ports and for other emergency services in general.


In the industrial field our pumps are suitable to convey acids, and are used in car‑painting plants (Ferrari is one of our customer), to cool rolling mills for steel production, for boilers up to 300 deg. Q in snow‑making plants, for conditioning systems of ships, for sea water desalination plants, for drinking water conditioning, for industrial sewage and in sewage processes.


AS far as agriculture is concerned our pumps are used for water distribution from tanks, rivers and channels both to flood and to rain or drop by drop irrigate in fixed or movable, stiff or flexible pipes, by electric or diesel engines and even by tractors.





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